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What We Do

We move diagnostic data between patients, providers, and health plans. Profile Health Systems provides a complete health record management solution for patients and at the point-of-care.  PHS helps members keep complete, and up-to-the-minute health records that allow health plans and providers to engage with members at the most critical times.  When a member is diagnosed with a high risk condition PHS sends notification to case managers — enabling them to engage with members and reduce risk factors.

Our Solutions

A health record platform and management tools that keep you connected to your members.

Our Solutions

A health record platform and management tools that keep you connected to your members.

Consumer Engagement Tools

Profile Health Systems’ engagement tools enable members to access all of their health records digitally with interactive content. Members use our solutions to engage with healthcare providers and to securely share their records. Getting health information where it is most needed reduces diagnostic inefficiency and supports improved outcomes. PHS expedites the processing of diagnostic data for health plans by bypassing the billing process — alerting health plans to member health issues 30 to 90 days faster than with traditional solutions.

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Who We Work With

PHS partners with America’s top Health Plans to offer insight into member health.


  Health Plans

Profile Health Systems’ mobile health solutions increase consumer engagement with existing programs — reducing costs for payers and maximizing the health of members. Our applications are designed to encourage early intervention and guide patients to the most efficient use of funds.

  Healthcare Providers

Our patient-empowerment applications also empower healthcare providers.  PHS facilitates communication between providers and their patients, increasing compliance and patient engagement.   As a result, providers obtain more complete patient histories, which leads to more effective treatment, and better outcomes


PHS helps families manage their health and wellness.

We help people find health resources and solutions that are specific to their needs in the moment.  Profile Health Systems’ consumer-facing design dramatically increases user engagement and retention.  During critical, acute health episodes PHS notifies case managers — enabling them to take immediate action to improve health outcomes.

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PHS partners with Health Plans, consumers, and healthcare providers to engage patients and get health information where it needs to go.